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  2. Greenfield Mine

    Our Consulting service are related to process of developing Greenfield or Brownfield mines in Serbia, and implies advices in complete Permitting process for both, Greenfield and Brownfield mining projects, from exploration until starting exploitation works and can include advice during:

    • -Geological exploration, geological interpretation, resource and reserve confirmation etc.
    • -Survey
    • -Spatial planning
    • -Change of land use approval
    • -Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
    • -Water management license
    • -Nature protection requests
    • -Heritage protection requests
    • -Reclamation
    • -Exploitation approval

    We have all needed experience and licenses for designing all Mining Studies and Projects in accordance with Serbia’s law, respectively:

    • -Feasibility study
    • -Mine designs: Detailed, Technical, Simplified, Mining designs for taking sample for technological testing, etc.
    • -Reclamation designs,
    • -Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment…


    Permitting process for Greenfield mines in Serbia includes 20 different instances and almost 400 steps in different procedures. Many of these steps could be maintained parallel. The most important is to know the right timing, to conduct the whole process correctly, to follow development of the project and react on time.

    Passing through the entire procedure of obtaining permits more than dozen times within the last 7 years, we have mastered the procedure to the smallest detail and figured which sub-procedure can be performed simultaneously in order to minimize the time required to complete the entire Permitting process for new mine. The result of such analytical and synchronized activities is the completion of the entire Permitting process for small mines in less than a year. This experience enabled us to create Permitting Gantchart and Permitting Flowchart diagrams for Mine Permitting Process in Serbia.

    During Permitting process we will:

    • -prepare requests to relevant institutions,
    • -prepare all needed enclosures, on the basis of documentation and reports,
    • -make topographic and other maps,
    • -make cadastral plans,
    • -follow development of project and make information for relevant institution,
    • -and conduct all other necessary activities.

    Also, we will coordinate and communicate with people who are in charged with every step, to speed up process of getting all necessary do+cuments, conditions and approvals during mine Permitting process.



    1. 1.Open pit Bajevac
    2. 2.Open pit Kamenjak
    3. 3.Open pit Drenjak
    4. 4.Open pit Jakovacka Kumsa
    5. 5.Open pit Culjkovic
    6. 6.Open pit Kamenitovac
    7. 7.Open pit Mrcici
    8. 8.Open pit Ranci
    9. 9.Open pit Mala Strazevica
    10. 10.Open pit Ponorac
    11. 11.Open pit Potaj Cuka
    12. 12.Open pit Babin kal
    13. 13.Open pit Rakov Dol
    14. 14.Open pit Kodra Ilince
    15. 15.Open pit Krstivojevica Majdan


    1. 1.Open pit Kamenica
    2. 2.Open pit Drenovacki Kik
    3. 3.Open pit Rujevacki Krs
    4. 4.Open pit Rujevac Ba
    5. 5.Open pit Kozlicic